The Antidiuretichesky hormone (АДГ), or вазопрессин, promotes реабсорбции waters in дистальных departments нефрона by increase in permeability for water of walls дистальных извитых канальцев and collective tubules. The mechanism of action АДГ consists in enzyme activation аденилатциклазы which participates in formation цАМФ изАТФ. цАМФ activates tsamf-dependent протеинкиназы which participate in фосфорилировании мембранных fibers that leads to increase of permeability for water of a membrane and to increase in its surface. Besides, АДГ activates enzyme гиалуронидазу, which деполимеризует гиалуроновую acid of intercellular substance that provides passive intercellular transport of water on an osmotic gradient. avodart generic claritin Excitation from these receptors on
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