ordering levitra online female pink viagra side effects To periphery from the central pole the set of sticks contacts to one bipolar cage and a little колбочек, and with ганглиозной - set bipolar, forming рецептивное a field ганглиозной cages. It raises light sensitivity, but worsens the spatial permission. In a layer of bipolar cages two types brake нейронов - horizontal and амакриновые the cages limiting distribution of excitation in a retina settle down. Duration секреторного process, the quantity, digesting ability of gastric juice, its acidity are in strict dependence on character of food that is provided nervous and гуморальными with influences. The proof of presence of such dependence are the classical experiences spent to laboratories of I. P.Pavlova on dogs with isolated small желудочком. Animals received bread as carbohydrate food, the low-fat meat containing in basic fibers, and milk which structure includes fibers, fats and carbohydrates. The considerable quantity of gastric juice was developed at the meat use, an average - bread, small - milk (at the expense of containing fats). Duration of secretion of juice also was various: on bread - during 10 ч, on meat - 8 ч, on milk - 6 ч (fig. 25). Digesting force of juice decreased in a following order: meat, bread, milk; acidity: meat, milk, bread. It is established also that gastric juice with high acidity splits fibers of an animal origin, and with low acidity - vegetative is better. This data is used at appointment of a diet at patients with hypo- and hypersecretion of gastric glands. So, with hypersecretion the milk diet, with hyposecretion - vegetable and meat with the high maintenance экстрактивных substances is recommended to patients.


The research works constitute an institutional effort of our academic community. The knowledge gained from research enriches the teaching activities.

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ESAN University has advanced significantly in conducting consultancy and technical assistance for government and corporate sectors at a national and international level. The institutional background in both areas of management has allowed strengthening pre-existing ties and build new work bridges with a diverse range of institutions and government programs and technical cooperation.

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Through the institutes we promote the development of specialized knowledge. They perform consultancies and researches.
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